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Boutique hotels around the world is a unity of or on the system?

Date: 2016-09-21

The boutique hotel industry development in 1981, the boutique hotel industry research into the academic horizon of the world for 1999 years.Different countries and different scholars on the definition of a boutique hotel background, classification, aesthetic perspective and function composition, development situation, such as using different research tools for more than ten years of research, countries based on the domestic boutique hotel development trend to form the definition of each has its own characteristics.

The United States

In 1999, American scholars put forward the Boutique hotel in New York area shoots "Boutique hotels sprout through New York area" followed by a large number of literature to explore the definition of a Boutique hotel and development, in 2013, the United States panel using the Delphi method to define the Boutique hotel, 41 industry experts after three rounds of review concluded that they think that the most distinguishing feature of Boutique hotel is exquisite, fashion, high-end service, while the lifestyle hotel is more focused on providing innovative personalized service of the hotel is different from the hotel brand.

Obviously, whether boutique hotel or lifestyle hotel, non-standard hotel industry in the United States have "frontier, unique" as the core creative point.With the development of the boutique hotel industry and the change of market demand, the development of the boutique hotel in the United States gradually branch for delicate taste, lifestyle hotel, etc., mainly rely on the international master of each custom design of the room, no longer stressed that "small" and the history of the building itself precipitation, but always emphasizes "unique" and "high-end luxury".

The British

The university of Plymouth scholar of 1995 to 2007, Boutique Hotel comb literature fully, and points out that, compared to the "Boutique Hotel", the concept of "the Alternative Hotel," the concept of the more widely used, at the same time "Lifestyle" "Hip" Designer "concept" has appeared in 2005.

Scholars mainly focus on "rooms" and "architectural style/decorate a style to" properties "" management" service quality "" hotels" keywords, then sorted out for domestic boutique hotel website information between 152 and random interview with four hotel managers in order to draw a boutique hotel in common.After a series of professional analysis to refine boutique hotel is as follows: small hotel, room number usually under 100;Usually do not belong to the large hotel management group;Usually located in the center of the town;Building itself usually have a lot of history, or there are other interesting stories;Emphasis on personalized service process;At samsung, four-star, five-star standard should be as a necessary supporting the high quality of restaurant.

In 2012 the British cultural heritage protection agency ─ ─ warning British heritage, there are nearly 6000 homes and historic sites may disappear, including Britain's first atomic bomb warehouse, a 100 - year - old cinema.Have 5831 historic buildings, monuments, archaeological sites, battlefield, church and protected scenic spots, is likely to be due to neglected for a long time, the wind and rain may disappear.Britain has listed the data including primary (Grade I) and secondary (Grade II) level of the protected buildings.For the attention of a protected building, have been part of the building through the property rights transfer before transformed by private boutique hotel to improve its existence value."Building itself usually have a lot of history, or there are other interesting story" this attribute is widespread.


Romania Peter Rosa university scholars believe that only hundreds of rooms and highly personalized atmosphere of boutique hotel as an alternative to traditional hotel.

South Africa

South African scholars argue that boutique hotel is a representative of the hotel industry new forces in South Africa, they mainly serve the European market, with a high standard of design, atmosphere and personality service and unique spatial patterns become the new market direction.

On the description of the British scholars, Romania and South African scholars took a similar concept, substitutes, and the concept of the United States for innovative products, this side also illustrates the current distribution situation of hotel brands in the world.

On April 8, 2016, marriott international group with starwood hotel group announced that the two companies respectively at the special general meeting of shareholders, the shareholders have voted to marriott acquisition of starwood's proposal, approved the two companies merge.