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Big tongfang especially happy world officially opened on July 16, the guest

Date: 2016-07-14

The morning of July 14, big tongfang happy world opening press conference held in the grand holiday inn of datong, datong city, the scenic spot of the people's government of relevant leaders and several hundred media representatives attended the conference.

Conference, about leadership, big tongfang happy world, introduces the general situation of the basic and enthusiastically questions from the journalists.Subsequently, the participants also under the guidance of the staff to the party in the park to experience the "conch bay", "over the limit", "magic castle" and so on classical project, zero distance feeling great tongfang joy the wonders of the world.

Big tongfang especially happy world is located in datong city east new district, by the shenzhen huaqiang cultural technology group and the datong city government coalition building.Big tongfang especially happy world interactive experiences in science fiction, as the biggest characteristic, through a combination of a variety of modern high-tech and art create a dreamy feeling, is known as "the Oriental fantasy land", "Asian science magic".

Big tongfang, joy is jin JiMeng parts of the world largest the fourth generation of high-tech park.It breaks through the traditional domestic other predominantly mechanical rides theme park concept, the display of large high-tech projects as the main form of expression and extensive use of such as imax 3 d, 4 d annulus, tracking stereoscopic movies, DARK RIDE, such as the world's leading high-tech, makes every effort to make the local and surrounding people feel the thrill of the fourth generation of high-tech theme park to play experience.Previously, huaqiang square culture technology group in all parts of the country has been operating successfully for 19 major cultural theme park, and go abroad, will output culture theme park of science and technology to Iran, South Africa, Ukraine and other countries.Big tongfang happy world is the 20th member of the family, is a fully independent intellectual property rights of China's large theme park.

Big tongfang especially happy world is mainly composed of over limit, conch bay, magic castle, serial, tangula snow-capped mountains, the light of life, bears adventures, bolide and so on more than 20 theme of the project area, the project content contains technology anime, future fantasies, popular science education, performing multiple aspects, such as myths, legends, themes, theme projects, rides, recreational and landscape projects for more than 200.As the representative of the domestic large-scale high-tech theme park at the beginning of the overall comprehensive planning big tongfang especially happy world will derivatives into the theme park development chain.