1F ~ 37F Sunny To Cloudy W at Weather Detail

Datong power supply company actively response to the storm cool weather to protect the power supply

Date: 2016-11-24

Datong appear strong wind, cool weather, this week in parts of the largest wind power reached level 7, datong power supply company to further strengthen the wind and ice and snow substation equipment inspection work, take various measures to effective device to prevent accidents.
For days, the company organization staff focus on transformer gas relay, oil gauge, the oil temperature table, pressure release valve, cut-off valve inspection equipment fixed condition of lead wire, prevent the damage and fracture in the high wind, lead to eliminate hidden dangers.At the same time, to do a good job of wind and ice and snow patrol, the weather changes, timely grasp the substation each district in the wind and snow weather, increase the number of devices, tour, ensure equipment anomalies found in a timely manner.After freezing rain and snow, ice on the formation due to the snow melt after frozen substation equipment timely organization of artificial de-icing, fight equipment flashing, flash and ice ice fall from.Wind or snow yellow warning or above, and strictly implement the 24-hour duty system, pay close attention to weather changes at any time, receiving and report the information in a timely manner.Perfect response to wind and ice and snow scene disposal scheme, detailed measures to clarify responsibilities, to ensure the safe and reliable power supply of special weather power grid.