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The wall closed datong interpreta dream Writing in the west of datong, the ancient walls of closed

Date: 2016-11-25

At 11 o 'clock on November 18, 2016, 18 points, in a keenly awaited in the eyes of customers from all walks of life, west of datong, the ancient walls to complete the last three ChengZhuan build by laying bricks or stones, all closed, and held a short, warm closed type.Outside the moat project, also through at the same time.
For this moment, all the datong and the focus of the construction of the ancient city of datong, and look forward to for a long time;For the moment, many for the construction of the party and government cadres and relevant personnel, pay a lot of.
This time is the city circle, but also dream.Datong city reconstruction project completed the construction of the wall part from this, opened a new page.How many warriors and witnessed the historical smoke of the ancient city of datong, from today to the new mileage.This is datong passionate proud history, reveal the cultural confidence for a new beginning, but datong development transformation, city of the rise of a new starting point.
Walls, and age is the masterpiece of the working people.Walls of canyons, is a sign of political stability, economic prosperity, is also a frontier solid and the guarantee of social stability.With strong political force propping up the ancient city, the condensed the countless skillful craftsman wisdom and sweat, has gathered many breathtaking cultural content, imperishable masterpieces for posterity.